Metal Print Surface Finishes

Choose from 5 different surface finishes for your metal prints. Each surface finish has a different level of sheen, reflection and colour vibrancy. These 5 surface finishes are:

  1. Gloss White
  2. Semi Gloss White
  3. Matt White
  4. Gloss Aluminium
  5. Matt Aluminium

Note: At Premium Metal Prints, all surface finishes are the same price.

Gloss White

An excellent choice for bright, colourful photos or artwork.

The most popular option - if in doubt we always recommend gloss white. With a finish like glass, select this brilliant high gloss surface for excellent depth of colour, clear detail, deep blacks, vibrant whites and natural skin tones. A modern look which is suitable for all images. 

Semi Gloss White

Often used in rooms with large windows.

In between Gloss and Matt, this white base surface ensures richness of colour with a more matt surface to cut down on reflection. Semi gloss white is a good choice offering nice bright colours with less glare.

Matt White

A good choice for signage or informational graphics.

Matt White is a softer, non-reflective finish. It is great for high-end portraits or paintings. Best for display in brightly lit spaces in which you want to minimize glare, this softer surface finish is ideal for areas where reflection may be an issue. 

Gloss Aluminium

An excellent choice for black and white images, as you will get a striking black and silver result.

With no white coating or white ink being used, just a high gloss clear, you can clearly see the raw brushed aluminium grain of the base metal come through in areas you would expect to see white. Colours will also have a metallic look on this high gloss finish.

Matt Aluminium

Works well for black and white images, with a metallic black and silver result.

Like the gloss aluminium, this brushed matt surface allows the silver aluminium base to appear in areas that would usually be white. The matt finish cuts down on reflection, which is great for display in brightly lit spaces in which you want to minimize glare.