Metal prints are photos printed on an aluminium sheet wherein your image is infused into the metal surface by heating special ink into a gas which is absorbed through the pores in the metal. As the metal cools the pores close, which provides lasting durability and protection.

Metal Prints FAQ's

Benefits of Metal Prints
Metal prints have numerous benefits over traditional paper prints, including:

  • Panels made of 90%+ recycled aluminium.
  • UV resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • High definition look
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Archival and fade-resistant;
  • Image will remain vibrant much longer than traditional photo papers
  • Easy to clean with soft cloth and water
  • Hang your metal print without framing
How to Maintain Metal Prints

Metal prints can be cleaned with a cloth and any all-purpose glass or household cleaner. The cleaner can be sprayed directly on the surface of the print and then wiped with a cloth as needed. They are also resistant to chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, acetone, and rubbing alcohol.

How are Metal Prints Produced?
Metal prints are produced by printing an image onto 1440x720 resolution high quality transfer paper, then infused into the Chromaluxe aluminium panel using a combination of pressure and heat. This process results in a vibrant, lifelike image permanently bonded to a scratch and fade resistant surface, which can be easily cleaned and sterilised.

What Surface Finishes are Available?
Choose from 5 different surface finishes to suit any subject or décor, all with different levels of sheen and reflection. All surface finishes are the same price. Learn more about your surface finish options here.

How can I Display my Metal Print?
There are numerous ways to display an aluminium metal print, such as a floating wall mount (no frame), a desktop easel, or we can provide you with the panel only so you can display it however you wish.