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Premium Metal Prints offer amazing fine-art quality using the latest digital printing technology in conjunction with our superior coated ChromaLuxe aluminium material.

The clear, high-definition output achieved when printing onto ChromaLuxe metal panels combined with our versatile hanging options for wall or shelf display transforms your images into truly stunning artwork.

Print your custom ChromaLuxe metal prints here.

PMP aluminium panels are lightweight, yet rigid and highly durable. Premium Metal Prints are perfect for displaying artwork and photography in superfine detail. Our metal panels are made with recycled aluminium and are available in a range of sizes and aspect ratios (including traditional photographic sizes and panoramas). ChromaLuxe’s unique coating allows prints to be showcased without the need for glass or framing.

During production, your image is printed at 1440x720 resolution onto high quality transfer paper, then infused into the aluminium panel using a combination of pressure and heat. This process results in a vibrant, lifelike image permanently bonded to a scratch and fade resistant surface, which can be easily cleaned and sterilised. 

Our metal prints can be cleaned with a cloth and any all-purpose glass or household cleaner. The cleaner can be sprayed directly on the surface of the print and then wiped with a cloth as needed. They are also resistant to chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, acetone, and rubbing alcohol.

Prints onto ChromaLuxe metal panels were tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research in Iowa, USA and achieved a permanence rating of more than 60 years using two different ink sets. This rating is more than three times better than commonly used silver halide photo papers. Actual longevity results will vary depending on environmental fluctuations in situ. Although the metal prints are UV resistant, it’s still recommended to hang prints away from direct sunlight to preserve the longevity of the print. For more information about these test results, please see this PDF.

● UV resistant
● Scratch resistant
● High definition look
● Panels made with recycled aluminium.
● Waterproof
● Durable
● Archival and fade-resistant; image will remain vibrant much longer than traditional photo papers
● Easy to clean with soft cloth and water

Images on a website simply cannot capture an accurate representation of the depth of colour, gloss and vibrancy of these prints – you are welcome to visit our showroom Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm.

Premium metal prints are printed onto aluminium sheets that have a special coating to accept sublimation inks.
This coating sometimes has small bubbles, bumps, dips or other minor irregularities in the surface.
All sheets are thoroughly inspected prior to printing and we will position your image on the panels as best we can to minimize the visibility of these. We are unable to remake panels due to these minor imperfections.

As these panels are produced using a sublimation process, colours may vary from standard prints. Please contact us if colour accuracy is critical for your project. All our panels are printed in Australia.

Choose from 5 different surface finishes to suit any subject or décor. All surface finishes are the same price.

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Gloss White

The most popular option - if in doubt we always recommend gloss white. With a finish like glass, select this brilliant high gloss surface for excellent depth of colour, clear detail, deep blacks, vibrant whites and natural skin tones. A modern look which is suitable for all images. An excellent choice for bright, colourful photos or artwork.

Semi Gloss White
In between Gloss and Matt, this white base surface ensures richness of colour with a more matt surface to cut down on reflection. Semi gloss white is a good choice offering nice bright colours with less glare. It is often used in rooms with large windows.

Matt White
Matt White is a softer, non-reflective finish. It is great for high-end portraits or paintings. Best for display in brightly lit spaces in which you want to minimize glare, this softer surface finish is ideal for areas where reflection may be an issue. Also a good choice for signage or informational graphics.

Gloss Aluminium
With no white coating or white ink being used, just a high gloss clear, you can clearly see the raw brushed aluminium grain of the base metal come through in areas you would expect to see white. Colours will also have a metallic look on this high gloss finish.
An excellent choice for black and white images, as you will get a striking black and silver result.

Matt Aluminium
Like the gloss aluminium, this brushed matt surface allows the silver aluminium base to appear in areas that would usually be white. The matt finish cuts down on reflection, which is great for display in brightly lit spaces in which you want to minimize glare. Also works well for black and white images, with a metallic black and silver result.

Floating Wall Mount
Our standard frameless option, this wall mount gives your print the appearance of floating 16mm off the wall. The hanging block is mounted in from the edges so it’s not visible from the front. We have three sizes of backing board to suit different size panels and we will use whichever is most appropriate for your order. All backing boards feature a keyhole style mounting cut into the board.

Desktop Easel
An aluminium stand affixed directly to the back of the panel.
Perfect for mantlepieces, bedside tables, workstations, shelf display or commercial counter signage.
Available on any finish, up to a maximum of 14x11” or 17x11” (Landscape orientation only).

Panel Only
We supply your printed panel only, no mountings attached.
This option will be suitable if you wish to arrange your own frame, mounting or custom installation.